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POWER EXCHANGE CENTRAL EUROPE (PXE) offers trading with electricity and natural gas.


Spot Market – Common Day-Ahead PXE/OTE Market. PXE offers its trading participants access to the Czech day-ahead power auction which is organized by OTE a.s. Trades ensuing from orders sent to the auction via PXE Platform are cleared and settled by European Commodity Clearing AG (ECC) which is the clearing services provider for all exchanges being part of the EEX Group.

Long-term Market – trading with power in the form of derivatives – futures with financial settlement. As of June 15, 2017 is the power trading operated under the licence and in the trading system T7 of European Energy Exhange AG (EEX). Trading s subject to rules and regulations of EEX. The trading days and trading hours are set forth by EEX.

Base Load - delivery all hours of all days
Peak Load - delivery Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. CET (GMT+1) regardless the public holidays

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania

Month, quarter, year – later in 2017 day and week are planned

Futher specifications available on the EEX web site
Contract Specification
Technical setup of the contracts (first and last trading day, cascading)
Product Codes, ISINs etc.


The market is operated in cooperation with PEGAS CEGH Gas Exchange. Trading is subject to the PXE rules and regulations. Trading days and trading hours are set forth by PXE. Trading is operated by PXE on the Trayport GlobalVision ETS.

Base Load - delivery from 06:00 a.m. on the first delivery day until 06:00 a.m. CET (GMT+1) on the calendar day following the last delivery day during the delivery periods. The delivery point of natural gas is the Czech virtual trading point operated by OTE a.s.

Spot Market
Maturities: day, weekend

Long-Term Market – trading with natural gas in the form of derivatives – futures with physical delivery
Maturities: 3 consecutive months, 4 consecutive quarters, 3 consecutive seasons, 2 consecutive years

CSV Futures Rollover Calendar Stáhnout

Notification: Monthly contracts in delivery are not tradable. PXE publishes the price only for the purpose of settlement.


Products list as of 4/14/2021


IssuerECC codeProduct TypeSetlement TypeDelivery lengthDelivery period
F PXE BG BL M05-21FKBM May21Base loadcash deliveryMonth202105
F PXE BG BL M06-21FKBM Jun21Base loadcash deliveryMonth202106
F PXE BG BL M07-21FKBM Jul21Base loadcash deliveryMonth202107
F PXE BG BL M08-21FKBM Aug21Base loadcash deliveryMonth202108
F PXE BG BL M09-21FKBM Sep21Base loadcash deliveryMonth202109
F PXE BG BL M10-21FKBM Oct21Base loadcash deliveryMonth202110
F PXE BG BL Q03-21FKBQ Q321Base loadcash deliveryQuarter202109
F PXE BG BL Q04-21FKBQ Q421Base loadcash deliveryQuarter202112
F PXE BG BL Q01-22FKBQ Q122Base loadcash deliveryQuarter202203
F PXE BG BL Q02-22FKBQ Q222Base loadcash deliveryQuarter202206
F PXE BG BL Q03-22FKBQ Q322Base loadcash deliveryQuarter202209
F PXE BG BL Q04-22FKBQ Q422Base loadcash deliveryQuarter202212
F PXE BG BL Q01-23FKBQ Q123Base loadcash deliveryQuarter202303
F PXE BG BL CAL-22FKBY 2022Base loadcash deliveryYear202212
F PXE BG BL CAL-23FKBY 2023Base loadcash deliveryYear202312
F PXE BG BL CAL-24FKBY 2024Base loadcash deliveryYear202412
F PXE BG BL CAL-25FKBY 2025Base loadcash deliveryYear202512
F PXE BG BL CAL-26FKBY 2026Base loadcash deliveryYear202612
F PXE BG BL CAL-27FKBY 2027Base loadcash deliveryYear202712