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Gas Spot Reference Price

What is the Gas Spot Reference Price

As of December 8, 2017 is the gas spot reference price previously calculated by PXE replaced by the PEGAS European Gas Spot Index (EGSI). EGSI is determined by the Powernext. The natural gas with the place of delivery at CZ VTP is traded on the PEGAS platform under Powernext licence as of  December  8, 2017. EGSI is calculated for day-ahead and weekend contracts. It reflects the real market situation and may be used as a reference for pricing of the retail contracts. It is not a settlement price. 

Calculation Method

The Gas Spot Reference Price for daily contracts is determined as volume weighted average of all trades concluded during the trading session (every trading day from 8am till 6 pm) on the  PEGAS CEGH Czech Gas Spot Market. In case that there are no trades concluded Powernext uses the calculation methodology for the End of Day value.  The descripiton of this methodology is available on page 48, chapter METHODOLOGY FOR ESTABLISHING PEGAS SPOT EOD PRICE REFERENCES in the Market Notices document available for download here . 

Powernext publishes the EGSI every trading day at 18:45. The values may be delayed on PXE.  

Czech gas spot and futures futures contracts with the delivery to the Czech virtual trading point are traded under the licence and on the trading platform of Powernext SA. More information can be found at www.powernext.com. Without an agreement it is not permitted to calculate an index as understood under the EU Regulation on Indices Used as Benchmark (2016/1011). Should you wish to calculate indices please contact us.
Product NameDelivery dayReference Price [EUR]
CZ VTP DA8/31/202147.422
CZ VTP WE8/28/2021 - 8/29/202147.398
CZ VTP DA8/27/202146.001
CZ VTP DA8/26/202145.665
CZ VTP DA8/25/202144.922
CZ VTP DA8/24/202142.501
CZ VTP DA8/23/202141.739
CZ VTP WE8/21/2021 - 8/22/202141.693
CZ VTP DA8/20/202141.351
CZ VTP DA8/19/202145.699
CZ VTP DA8/18/202147.484
CZ VTP DA8/17/202147.862
CZ VTP DA8/16/202144.970
CZ VTP WE8/14/2021 - 8/15/202145.151
CZ VTP DA8/13/202146.157
CZ VTP DA8/12/202145.192
CZ VTP DA8/11/202144.483
CZ VTP DA8/10/202142.729
CZ VTP DA8/9/202143.996
CZ VTP WE8/7/2021 - 8/8/202143.542
CZ VTP DA8/6/202141.723
CZ VTP DA8/5/202141.820
CZ VTP DA8/4/202141.626
CZ VTP DA8/3/202142.358
CZ VTP DA8/2/202140.132