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PXE General CZ

The PXE index was created by the Power Exchange Central Europe and it serves for information purposes only. The objective is to express the situation in the Czech electricity market in figures, and subsequently compare the historical price development.

The initial date for the PXE index calculation was set on 1 October 2007; since this date, only standard products have been traded at PXE. The index calculation is based on the MSCI international standards (Morgan Stanley Capital International). The PXE index is updated always following the trading day closing, and the value is published on the PXE website (http://www.pxe.cz).

On the first day of the calculation, a base was compiled comprising 26 products, and the starting index value was set at 1 000 points. The index is weighted and expressed in points. The index base and weights were set so as to best reflect the electricity consumption in the Czech Republic and the sales activities involving individual products in the Czech electricity market, on the PXE platform.

The base includes both baseload and peakload products, and products within the time interval from the next-day delivery to contracts with a delivery in 2 years.

Calculation formula

Index PXE=1000

Base as of 1 October 2007, consisting of 26 products

Actual base at time “t”


Ratio of time “t” to base as of 1 October 2007
k(t) – chaining coefficient

The base is always valid for 1 month, followed by the renewal of the monthly products and quarterly contract weights.