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  • Online auction monitoring
  • Management of points of delivery and documentation in one place
  • Overview of all auctions
  • Auction protocol immediately after the auction ends
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  • Recommendation of suitable variants and parameters of the trade
  • Assistance in the correct completion of all documents related to auction organisation
  • Recommendations on the correct timing of the auction
  • Publication of the auction by the trading officer, i.e., sending the bid to all suppliers competing on PXE
  • Mediation of an exchange trade and its confirmation by the trading officer
  • Information on the auction result and mediation of contact with the winning supplier's representative

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You often ask

Is the commodity exchange POWER EXCHANGE CENTRAL EUROPE, a.s. (PXE) a Czech exchange?

Yes, the commodity exchange is a Czech exchange and holds a commodity exchange license from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The purchase of power and natural gas through the PXE commodity exchange therefore meets the conditions of the Public Procurement Act for a tender procedure without publication.

Do we have to announce a tender procedure for a private trading officer?

You do not have to at PXE. Each commodity exchange is obliged, pursuant to the Commodity Exchange Act, to cooperate with a trading officer, who plays an indispensable role in an exchange trade. Historically, the exchange – private trading officer relationship has been set up and this practice is common in other exchange platforms. However, the PXE commodity exchange has “trading officers” directly employed by the exchange. This saves you from having to announce a tender procedure for a private trading officer and saves you not only this administrative step but also its cost.

How often are auctions held?

Auctions can be held every business day. The date of your auction will be set by the PXE general secretary based on your bid once you have prepared a complete bid.

How long does the auction last and where can I watch it?

The basic auction time is 10 min. Subsequently, there are two randomised minutes during which the auction can end at any time. This auction method forces suppliers to reduce the price as quickly as possible, thus saving time for both parties. In long-running auctions, there are unnecessarily inactive parts of the auction. Both the customer and the supplier needlessly lose valuable time.

Trading participants can watch the entire auction process online in the PARC app.

What energy component is auctioned on the PXE commodity exchange and what fees can the supplier add to the winning price?

Only the unregulated portion of delivery is auctioned on the PXE commodity exchange. That is, only items that the supplier is able to influence directly. The supplier can only add taxes to the price resulting from the auction – electricity/gas tax and value added tax according to the legislation in force. The distribution fees stated in the invoice for the combined electricity (gas) delivery services are charged by the supplier in accordance with the applicable legislation, in particular the Price Decision of the Energy Regulatory Office.