Price list for the commodity market

Current price list of commodity auction results.

Low voltage consumption nodes prices are calculated for each tariff individually. The final tariff price is a product of the price for unit (CZK/MWh) and a relevant tariff coefficient. In case of power auctions with price indexation (additive or multiplicative coefficient) the price for unit is not available as of auction date.

Delivery period
Volume [MWh]
Auction type
Auction date

The prices shown are indicative only, based on wholesale prices and are set by PXE based on its own methodology (download here). Due to the different characteristics of the consumption diagrams, it is not possible to determine a single correct price for high and low tariffs. This is not part of the PXE price list.

Distribution rate
LT price [CZK/MWh]
HT price [CZK/MWh]