Electricity – Trading data

Explanatory Notes to the Charts: Last Price = price of the last transaction if executed directly on the screen; Last Volume = last volume traded in one transaction if executed directly on the screen; Settlement Price = closing (settlement price), published in the evening, to display the settlement price from previous trading day, please adjust the filter above the table; Volume Exchange = agregated volume traded directly in the exchange system in the course of the the trading day; Volume Trade Registration = agregated OTC volume registered for clearing in the course of the trading date; Open Interest = open interest.

Notice to users: Financially settled power futures contracts, natural gas spot and futures with delivery to a virtual trading point in the Czech Republic are traded under the licence and in the trading system of European Energy Exchange AG. For more information, visit www.eex.com. Without entering into a relevant contract, users are not entitled to calculate any index over the data presented here according to the EU Index Regulation, which are used as reference values (2016/1011). Please contact us if you require index calculation rights.