We are a proud part of the EEX Group

parc – for municipalities and large companies

  • Online Commodity Exchange, electronic auction and price fixing
  • No complicated public tender procedure
  • Auction documents in one place in the application
  • Strictly verified suppliers
I want to participate in the exchange
We are a proud part of the EEX Group

priceindex – trading data tracking

  • Online market prices
  • Delayed data free of charge for registered customers
  • User friendly and quick price fixing
  • We are an exchange – you can be sure our data is accurate
I want to watch prices
We are a proud part of the EEX Group

parc4u – for households and smaller businesses

  • Online change of energy supplier
  • All for free, from home and without paperwork
  • Every year we provide you with a good price
  • You never have to worry about contracts again
I want to save money on energy

We are a proud part of the EEX Group

As a global commodity exchange, the EEX Group provides market platforms for energy and commodity products around the world and provides access to a network of more than 650 trading participants. The Group offers trading in energy, natural gas, environmental products, freight, metals and agriculture, as well as downstream clearing and registration services.

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