Market information

What is PARC

PARC is a commodity exchange application through which PXE, as a commodity exchange, offers electricity and natural gas auctions to end users.

Who PARC is for

For all entities except households and small commercial consumers.

There is no minimum volume of commodity demanded, but the use is recommended for participants with delivery demanded:

  • to at least one point of delivery in the wholesale category
  • for one or more points of delivery in the retail category with a minimum annual consumption of 500 MWh

If you do not meet any of these conditions, take advantage of a customised solution through our PARC4U internet platform.


For all participants

  • Fast and administratively simple process.
  • Transparent and highly competitive environment = attractive prices.
  • Renowned and verified suppliers.
  • Compared to other commodity exchanges, the necessity of selecting a trading officer is eliminated.
  • Management of the points of delivery.
  • Online monitoring of auction.
  • The delivery price can be fixed gradually.
  • All contractual documentation is archived.
  • Guarantee of safe delivery of the auctioned commodity.

For public sector entities

If you are a municipality, regional authority, hospital, ministry or other public contracting authority, you can use the exemption under Section 64(c) of Act No. 134/2016 Coll. on public procurement and purchase energy on the PXE Commodity Exchange in a negotiated procedure without publication.

Thanks to this type of procurement process and the wide range of verified suppliers:

  • you are spared the usual tedious administration;
  • energy purchasing is very fast and transparent (cannot be challenged by other suppliers);
  • the delivery can be auctioned for a period of one year or more, both in CZK and EUR;
  • favourable prices are guaranteed on a particular exchange day;
  • results of the exchange trade are final, unalterable and immediately confirmed by the auction protocol, which is the contract for the supply of electricity or natural gas/contract for combined services for the supply of electricity or natural gas.

How the auction works

  1. After you become a trading participant, we collect data on the bid points of delivery.
  2. The bid is published by the trading officer prior to the auction in the PARC application for all PXE suppliers (this provides room for pricing the bid and any questions from suppliers).
  3. You can follow the auction online via the PARC application and know the result immediately after the auction ends.
  4. The trading officer issues you an auction protocol, which replaces the contract with the supplier and contains all of your defined parameters.