A unique electronic plaform for SVR providers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

3 October Prague - The Flexigate platform is an electronic platform designed for providers of power balance services who, for various reasons, need to sell an existing contract between them and the transmission system operator (TSO - CEPS/SEPS).

The platform operates separately in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Among the first entities that have successfully registered to the platform are Slovenské elektrárne, TEPLÁREŇ Považská Bystrica, GreenBat, SUAS BESS, Digital Energy Services, Elektrárna Tisová, Sokolovská uhelná, legal successor and EIFlexi. Other companies are in the registration phase.

"At the moment we are in the phase of registering companies on the platform. From the interest in registrations so far I believe that the product we are offering is of interest to all providers of power balance services regardless of size. The platform is unique in that it opens up a secondary market for support services and It is an innovative solution based on our experience in trading electricity in many European countries," says PXE Secretary General, David Kučera.

The platform makes it easy and transparent, under clearly defined conditions, to find an alternative service provider and thus avoid contractual penalties from the TSO. It allows to optimize own generation portfolio in relation to the current price of emission allowances and power electricity. On the platform, providers can additionally purchase a contract from other SVR providers, for example if they were unsuccessful on the primary market.

"We are delighted to have been able to apply our years of experience in the development of this platform information systems for the Czech and European energy industry. If successful in the Czech and Slovak market, the platform is technically ready for other EU markets as well," says Jan Konrád, Member of the Board of Directors of Unicorn Systems.

"We introduced the platform to Czech and Slovak SVR providers in mid-May. Since then since then, we have held several workshops for providers to introduce them to the platform environment. At the same time, we also offer individual training sessions for companies, where we are happy to explain how the platform works," adds Kateřina Hamzová, Managing Director of Flexigate, s.r.o.

The platform was developed by Unicorn Systems using Unicorn Mobile-First loT-Ready Cloud Architecture, which combines modern technologies and processes for application production. The operator of the Flexigate platform is Power Exchange Europe, a. s. (PXE).

The Flexigate platform serves SVR providers as a Secondary Market with support services and allows providers to transfer contracts with power balance services between each other.
The platform operates on the Czech and Slovak markets.

Power Exchange Europe, a. s.
PXE was established in July 2007 and since 2017 has been part of the EEX Group, which provides trading in electricity derivatives with delivery points in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Croatia. In addition, in cooperation with Austrian Central European Gas Hub AG (CEGH), it manages the natural gas exchange market with delivery point to the Czech virtual trading point. PXE also offers end consumers the possibility to find the most suitable electricity supplier through electronic auctions.

Unicorn is a renowned European company providing the largest information systems and information technology solutions. Our long-term focus is on the high added value and competitive advantage we bring to our customers. We have been operating in the market since 1990 and during this time we have developed a range of cutting-edge and extensive solutions that are widely used and adopted by the most important companies in various industries. We are also the operators of the Plus4U internet service, where we offer a wide portfolio of services based on robust software solutions for small and medium sized businesses, and more importantly, for people. Our software helps to manage natural resources efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

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