Market information

The Joint Day-Ahead Market of PXE/OTE

PXE provides market participants with access to the Day-Ahead Market organised in the Czech Republic by OTE, a.s., with the cash part of the settlement of trades taking place in euro through the European Commodity Clearing AG and the relevant clearing bank of the trading participant.

This Czech spot market is part of the SDAC (Single Day-Ahead Coupling) project, which aims to create a single day-ahead electricity market across Europe.

Possibilities of use

Access to the day-ahead market (Day-Ahead Auction) via the PXE platform – the possibility to enter bids to buy or sell, which are then matched and evaluated in the OTE system.

Ensuring physical delivery of open trading positions in financial futures. Through a special service, a contract with financial settlement is converted into a contract with physical delivery – the possibility to deliver all or part of a position opened in Czech financial futures on EEX.

Why use the PXE platform

Clearing and settlement of the resulting trades is carried out by European Commodity Clearing AG.

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